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This is a comprehensive review of the latest program: Find Motivated Sellers Now. To get full information, you can visit the link below. As the product is taking the market by storm, it is important that you check out the features and functions of the new program.

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Find Motivated SellersOverview

The Find Motivated Sellers Now is a software designed for people who are looking for vacant homes in a certain area. The software would not only locate the sellers, but also send out pre-formatted letters, proven to work to close the deal. The software is designed to take the weight off the shoulders of property investors and help them find investment homes fast, based on their own criteria.

Meet the AuthorsChris Richter Kent Clothier

The program is created by Chris Richter and Kent Clothier, both considered experts in e-commerce. Teaming up, the creators developed a software that reduces the time business owners need to spend on finding people who would market their product or service. The goal of the developers is to put distressed and neglected homes on the market again, and in front of property investors. This way, everyone wins: homeowners get an offer directly from the investor, while those in the property development and investment business will secure homes at the right location at the right place.

What is Find Motivated Sellers Now?

According to the authors, the program is the only source of a comprehensive list of vacant and readily available properties in all states in the US. This means that investors and real estate professionals can buy properties at a low price, and sell it for profit fast. The software is also designed to increase response and success rates for offers and initial contact. This makes the job of real estate professionals and developers easier. As the system provides users with a list of properties with address, it can be exported into an Excel sheet, and owners can be contacted immediately.

Overview of the System

The software does not only feature all the properties located on a map, but also provides experts with detailed information, such as owner contact information, equity, street view, and market value. Retrieving all the above information individually on each property would take hours of research, but real estate professionals can have all the data displayed on screen. Further, the software can be fully integrated with direct mailing databases and systems, and has several, proven to work letter templates to choose from. Apart from providing an invaluable tool for real estate professionals, the authors also created a call handling and lead development training as a bonus.

The Customer’s Perspective

Many reviewers and active users of the program say that it is a life-saver for real estate experts. It does not only save time, but provides information from reliable sources that is necessary to bid on a property or negotiate a deal. The data that is provided by the software is collected and aggregated from different professional sources, charging a high fee for yearly subscription. Users have unlimited access to the databases, and can save time and money this way. There is no need for cold calls any more, and — as the lists are targeted — success rate is much higher than randomly mailing homeowners.


Overall, the software is an invaluable tool for all property investors and real estate professionals. It is designed with the end user in mind, and does not only feature basic information, but gives users an insight into market value, previous sales, and occupancy. What is more important: the system is able to calculate the equity of the home, search by ZIP code, and the reason for vacancy. Homes that are subject to a probate might sell at a low price, just like those that are under repossession. With a few clicks of the mouse, property developers and real estate agents can contact dozens of pre-selected homeowners and make an offer, based on the information provided by the software.


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