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This is a comprehensive review of the latest program: Find Motivated Sellers Now. To get full information, you can visit the link below. As the product is taking the market by storm, it is important that you check out the features and functions of the new program.

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Find Motivated SellersOverview

The Find Motivated Sellers Now is a software designed for people who are looking for vacant homes in a certain area. The software would not only locate the sellers, but also send out pre-formatted letters, proven to work to close the deal. The software is designed to take the weight off the shoulders of property investors and help them find investment homes fast, based on their own criteria.

Meet the AuthorsChris Richter Kent Clothier

The program is created by Chris Richter and Kent Clothier, both considered experts in e-commerce. Teaming up, the creators developed a software that reduces the time business owners need to spend on finding people who would market their product or service. The goal of the developers is to put distressed and neglected homes on the market again, and in front of property investors. This way, everyone wins: homeowners get an offer directly from the investor, while those in the property development and investment business will secure homes at the right location at the right place.

What is Find Motivated Sellers Now?

According to the authors, the program is the only source of a comprehensive list of vacant and readily available properties in all states in the US. This means that investors and real estate professionals can buy properties at a low price, and sell it for profit fast. The software is also designed to increase response and success rates for offers and initial contact. This makes the job of real estate professionals and developers easier. As the system provides users with a list of properties with address, it can be exported into an Excel sheet, and owners can be contacted immediately.

Overview of the System

The software does not only feature all the properties located on a map, but also provides experts with detailed information, such as owner contact information, equity, street view, and market value. Retrieving all the above information individually on each property would take hours of research, but real estate professionals can have all the data displayed on screen. Further, the software can be fully integrated with direct mailing databases and systems, and has several, proven to work letter templates to choose from. Apart from providing an invaluable tool for real estate professionals, the authors also created a call handling and lead development training as a bonus.

The Customer’s Perspective

Many reviewers and active users of the program say that it is a life-saver for real estate experts. It does not only save time, but provides information from reliable sources that is necessary to bid on a property or negotiate a deal. The data that is provided by the software is collected and aggregated from different professional sources, charging a high fee for yearly subscription. Users have unlimited access to the databases, and can save time and money this way. There is no need for cold calls any more, and — as the lists are targeted — success rate is much higher than randomly mailing homeowners.


Overall, the software is an invaluable tool for all property investors and real estate professionals. It is designed with the end user in mind, and does not only feature basic information, but gives users an insight into market value, previous sales, and occupancy. What is more important: the system is able to calculate the equity of the home, search by ZIP code, and the reason for vacancy. Homes that are subject to a probate might sell at a low price, just like those that are under repossession. With a few clicks of the mouse, property developers and real estate agents can contact dozens of pre-selected homeowners and make an offer, based on the information provided by the software.

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This is our brief review of Hidden Cashflow Fortunes and we will tell you all you need to know about it. If you want to learn how to create a fortune without putting down any money or charging your credit card, Hidden Cashflow Fortunes may be your best bet.

HERE – Official Site

Hidden Cashflow FortunesThrough this simple training and partnership program, you will learn to spot opportunities for creating cash flow streams with deals that most investors pass up. The team’s new speaker will help you crack the codes to gaining extra capital.

Through the program, you get to meet Ian Flanagan. He is a former student turned teacher and now the team’s newest hedge fund rockstar who developed Hidden Cashflow Fortunes. He developed this strategy as a way of solving the problems he encountered with wholesaling and rehabbing. Although he is a non-guru, so to speak, he is currently the best person on the team to get in front of your audience. Through the webinar he designed, he will teach you how to obtain a 312% ROI on Facebook.

Hidden Cashflow Fortunes: What It Is

Hidden Cashflow Fortunes is a training and partnership program on finding and building up to 4 cash flow streams from every hidden cash flow deal identified. Whether you are a seasoned or newbie real estate investor, you will learn how to spot those hidden deals and make a fortune out of them. The profits that could be made from hidden cash flow deals are 5 to 10 times more than those from wholesale deals. Plus, they are 10 times easier to do than rehabbing.
Hidden cash flow deals are often overlooked by other investors because they are busy with hunting for high-equity deals where the competition is high. Since they are not trained to see the opportunity in these overlooked deals, there will be less competition for the cash flow that can be made. This means that only those who trained for Hidden Cashflow Fortunes will be able to make the most out of those missed deals.

As already mentioned, the strategy will help you create 4 cash flow streams from hidden deals. The first cash flow stream is commissions. When you find and refer qualified deals, you get a $1000 to $1500 commission per deal. That is on a case by case basis of course. The second cash flow stream you get is the down payments made by tenant buyers. The third cash flow stream is the monthly cash flow you get from the mortgage spread. The fourth cash flow stream comes from the sale of your tenant buyers’ note for cash. This can be done anytime you need or want it. This feature allows you decide if you want cash now or later.

What We Like About The Product

What we like about the Hidden Cash Flow Fortunes strategy is that you do not need to pay cash or submit your credit card information to avail of the training and start doing hidden cash flow deals. With Hidden Cashflow Fortunes, you do not need cash buyers, high-equity deals, contractors, or private money. You will not need to do any rehabbing or wholesaling. Since you do not need to have any experience to be able to create 4 cash flow streams from zero competition deals, this strategy developed by Ian Flanagan is perfect for first-time investors.

Bonuses Included

In this review, we would like to look at the other perks that you will have access to once you sign up for the program. If you are one of the top 10 people who will register for the program during the launch, you will become a member of the Insiders Mastermind. As member, you will learn the secrets for traffic, list building, conversions, funnel optimization, closing, selling back end coaching, and other prized industry information.

Furthermore, you will learn how to clone what the team is doing so that you too can easily rake in $8000 per head, fill seminar or webinar rooms purely through cold traffic, and retain high conversions and EPC. Plus, you get to meet like-minded investors and info marketers.

There is more. When you are a member, you immediately qualify for the team’s sales contests. You get to win up to $100,000; up to 10% commission bump on launch sales, and advanced setup of Facebook targeting campaigns. Even if you do not land in the top 3, you still get the chance to win Apple gadgets.

Overall Thoughts

If you are a first-time investor or a veteran who is tired of competing for the obvious high-equity deals, Hidden Cashflow Fortunes is the right program for you. Learn how to take advantage of hidden deals and create 4 cash flow streams for yourself. Although relatively new, this strategy will create a massive impact on your income. We hope this Hidden Cashflow Fortunes review is helpful in your evaluation of this program.

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This is our REI Quich Cash System review site, if you would like more information about REI Quick Cash System click the link below.

REI Quick Cash System – Official Siterei quick cash system review

This is our REI Quick Cash System Review, and we will give you more knowledge on what REI Quick Cash System is. REI Quick Cash System was created by Zack Childress. Zack Childress is one of the main gurus of real estate wholesaling with a 10-year experience in 7 markets.  Zack Childress is also President of the Alabama Real Estate Investor Association, and one of the best online real estate coaches that you can find on the Internet today. Zack Childress has proven himself as one of the best real estate wholesaling experts that you can find.  If you are involved with house flipping then real estate wholesaling is crucial to your success. REI Quick Cash System will reveal to you how to organize plan and execute real estate wholesaling.

REI Quick Cash System Review – What It Is

If you want to know more about REI Quick Cash System, our REI Quick Cash System Review will dig further into it. REI Quick Cash System consists of 7 module video trainings. You will learn everything you need to know on how to get started with fast finding deals. REI Quick Cash System also trains you in finding buyers.  You will also be shown how to protect your paycheck and putting the wheels in motion.  REI Quick Cash System is the Holy Grail to finding the deals and buyers you need without spending any money on marketing. With the REI Quick Cash System Software you will be shown step by step the process on finding and identifying the hot deals and close the full-circle by finding the right buyers without the need of any investment. Any questions or comments on a specific part of the process? Call their 1-800 Support Hotline  and their fantastic Support Team will help you.

REI Quick Cash System Review – What We Like

In this REI Quick Cash System Review we will share with you why we like REI Quick Cash System. There is a big buzz going on lately about this new product developed by Zach Childress. This is a very experienced real estate wholesaling expert and has consistently provided high value products with extraordinary results. Once again, he raises the bar and brings us an astonishing package of useful videos and tutorials that will help you master the real estate wholesaling business.

REI Quick Cash System Bonus – Review

In this REI Quick Cash System Review we’d also like to go over the Bonus material that you will receive for free with the REI Quick Cash System. The Complete Legal Library includes all the checklists, documents and forms needed to close these 7 day deals. Tickets to a 3 Day Live in Person Workshop Personally with Zack Childress. At this advanced training, Zack will transform you from beginner to expert investing entrepreneur. 2 Live Training Calls Personally With Zack. He’ll answer any and all of your questions as well as share some advanced strategies for your growing your income by ramping up your deal flow using the REI Quick Cash System software.

REI Quick Cash System Review – Overall Thoughts

If you’re in the real estate business as a beginner, hobbyist or are looking to enter the industry, then REI Quick Cash System by Zach Childress is the right tutorial for you.  Although it has just recently come out in the market, it is having a massive impact and they are receiving positive feedbacks since the day of the release. We hope our REI Quick Cash System Review is of great assistance to you.

REI Quick Cash System Review – Zack Childress

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In this section of our REI Quick Cash System Review site, we will talk about Zack Childress. rei quick cash system review zack childress

Zack Childress, who has made it real big as a wholesaler, reveals that it was the secret of co-wholesaling that really did the trick for him. He relates that when he was young and was considering joining the wholesalers’ market, he attended a few courses and seminars on how to buy success as a wholesaler. Childress was enterprising and enthusiastic and was raring to go. So he made the jump and started as a real estate wholesaler. 

For some time, he was making some progress. Yet he was far from where he wanted himself to see. He was hardly getting enough leads to really hit it there and make it big. So, it was time to sit back and think. Zack says that he took some time out to think about what it is that he is missing out on, and what can really push his business on the fast track. 

This is when he realized that he was not the only one who is out there trying to make it big. There are other competitors who are striving to do the same, and who are following the same mantras that are being taught at those traditional courses and seminars. This being so, Zack Childress realized that he would need to think out of the box here. It was then that it struck him that he can make his business grow by leveraging the power and efforts of his competitors and the other wholesalers. 

In other words, he discovered the magical possibilities of co-wholesaling. This was relatively a new idea and co-wholesaling had started no more than 8 years ago when Zack Childress thought this out. So, he started getting in touch with the other wholesalers and started a brand as a co-wholesaler. This is how he really started out on that and how success started pouring in. 

Then it was time to spread his endeavors out into other markets. He started to look onto other sectors and started to co-wholesale with the wholesalers in these markets– those who already had had their buyers. Childress says the trick really is how you present yourself and secure your interests the right way. So, doing the paperwork is always a crucial factor to ensure that you are not ending up on the losing side of it. And once he started doing things the right way, there was little that could get in his way. His projects soared and his business expanded in leaps. Zack Childress has doubled the size of his business regularly every single 6 months!! 

This is the secret that Zack Childress wants to share with his students in the course REI Quick Cash System. He tells that he wants his students to learn the tricks of co-wholesaling and how they can go beyond the traditional methods of wholesale marketing to achieve bigger success, and faster, too. 

The key, according to Childress, is to be always prepared to make certain often small but crucial shifts. One must always be open to change and that is the only way to prosper in this competitive market. So, learn from Zack Childress himself the secret of getting started as wholesaler through REI Quick Cash System. Be sure to check out our REI Quick Cash System Review.

Click here for REI Quick Cash Systemreal estate wholesaling

In this section of our REI Quick Cash System review site, we would like to talk about what is real estate wholesaling?

Many people ask themselves, exactly what is real estate wholesaling? They think that it might be an investment strategy, but in reality, it is an investing exit strategy. One thing that is extremely important, and something you must understand, is that strategies can be about making money. Two examples of this are that if we are doing something like lease options, or perhaps rehabbing. real estate wholesaling is not something that should ever be a primary strategy, however, it should always be classified as an exit strategy. However, when you are first starting out in this task, be sure that your main strategy involves as many exiting out of as many things as possible. This way there is no money necessary, no loans, and you do not require a lot of money to do anything.

There are many ways that people can wholesale. These will be talked about, but you need to first understand that wholesale is controlling different properties through contracts, and then assigning our rights to what we are selling to the new buyer. This is important if you are choosing this type of model to use because it involves contracting something, but not closing on it. Instead of letting the deal vanish, we exit out of it, make money, and then find a new buyer to assign rights to. What is real estate wholesaling? (wikipedia) This is exactly what it is, but only one of the methods.

In order to understand the process you must understand what true wholesaling is. True wholesaling means you never actually buy property that you are working with, and never show up on the title or close. You also never have to go into escrow. This is because you are assigning the rights to that new contract to a brand new buyer. This is known as an assignment contract. There are other options as well for a person who may be asking what is wholesaling? This is when the new buyer closes and are the ones who go after the money and the escrow. This is why it is a wholesale strategy that you must understand, and be very clear about. This is also why wholesaling a many different things, not just a simple strategy in which people make money, but also a complex strategy with intricate details that must be followed.

Would you like to know another option when someone asks, what is real estate wholesaling? It is the option known as traditional wholesaling. Wholesaling REO’s is when you might have to take the title, close, or borrow money, but is in actuality not a true type of wholesaling. On the other hand wholesaling options, wholesaling to a retail buyer, and wholesaling unsellable properties are times when you may not take the title, borrow any money, or close the deal, which is known as an LLC. Wholesaling commercial real estate, also known as co-wholesaling, is the fastest and easiest way to gain money, and has little to no risk in it. This strategy requires no money at all.

You need to look at what you are doing and ask, what about real estate wholesaling and am I going to be able to take control of my contracts, buyers, and collect fees without actually closing anything or spending money of my own? Real estate wholesaling is a term that is very broad, but you now at least have a better understanding of it. Do not let someone tell you that it is a pigeon hold or any such silliness. The fastest and most effective way to do real estate wholesaling is via co-wholesaling! You can also get information from us about it if you would like. Be sure to check out our REI Quick Cash System Review.

Click here for REI Quick Cash System Video

In this section of our REI Quick Cash System review site, we wanted to aboard the subject on why become a wholesaler?wholsale house cartoon

Let’s be honest. Wholesaling is not rocket science. Anyone can purchase a book from Barnes & Noble to learn what wholesaling entails. The problem is often the strategies contained in these books are outdated and ineffective. Old-school wholesaling is a term used to describe techniques which no longer work today. So why become a wholesaler? Because you main money on a consistent basis, as well as networking, and generating other streams of income for your business. To be a good wholesaler, you will need to know new tips and techniques which are relevant to today’s market.

Let’s look at the facts. There are more wholesalers operating today then there were a decade ago. A co-wholesaler is someone is able to position themselves as an authoritative figure, who can do deals and be an effective player in today’s market. In order to be part of the new wholesale market, you will need to use your leverage and network with other people in order for your business to grow. Whether you are a business professional, a manager, or bored with your current job and looking for a new direction in life, wholesaling could be the business for you. It is imperative to keep up to date with the latest market trends and economic developments at all times in order for you to be in a more powerful position. Why become a wholesaler if you are unable to use market trends to your financial advantage?

The new wholesale market is very different to the strategies that were used in the past. This includes learning the techniques needed for commercial wholesaling operations, selling properties, REOs, and how to wholesale to retailers. Why become a wholesaler? So you can understand the current market in order to maximize your profit and boost your business. You will be trading goods and services for profit and you will need to know how to be proficient in this.

You will need to focus your efforts on what you have going for you, rather than what you don’t, as focusing on the negative can have a detrimental effect on your psyche before you even start. Why start as a wholesaler if you do not have the confidence and drive to succeed? One of the easiest and quickest ways to start is through co-wholesaling. This is when you get a foot in the door of the real estate business through networking and leveraging your own power. You should be able to benefit from your relationships with other people in order to succeed in a market which is ever-changing.

If you can envisage yourself making a deal within the next one or two months through networking with other people, then you should start as a co-wholesaler today. So why start as a wholesaler? In order to generate a substantial level of income and helping to turn your business around for the better. If you are looking for more information about what we do, have a look around the rest of the website. We will be able to help you succeed in your business and give it the kick-start it desperately needs. Be sure to check out our REI Quick Cash System Review Video.

Click here for REI Quick Cash System

In this section of our REI Quick Cash System review site, we would like to talk about the new real estate wholesale market.

Real Estate wholesaling is such a simple and old concept; it does not need extensive research to understand how it works. Besides, there are so many books and resources out there if anyone wishes to learn more about it. The only problem is that the methodologies outlined in such books have seen better days and may not quite be relevant in the modern day because a lot has changed. This method is labeled traditional wholesaling. Today, there are several new strategies that have given birth to the new real estate wholesale market.

Although you can still apply traditional wholesaling today, it will not be as effective as the new trend. Some people might respond to it, but majority of the population may be indifferent. You may need to adopt strategies that will translate into more revenue and enhance consistency in your business. To succeed, you must be ready to immerse and familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the market you are targeting. It is important for you to understand how the new real estate wholesale market uses leverage to achieve its goals. To maximize on profit, you will have to increase your network, and exploit new distribution channels that can work to your advantage.

If you want to make an impact as a wholesaler today, you need to work extra hard and smart. It will not be easy to achieve this considering the number of ever increasing number of wholesalers over the last ten years. You will need to position yourself at the top of the food chain by becoming a co-wholesaler. This will make you a beneficiary of other businesses, and hence share in the spoils. The new real estate wholesale market will also expose you to other markets such as retailers. However, before you get to this part, you need to figure out where and how you will start.

It is not a guarantee that you will make it in the wholesale business as soon as you start. This is a tough sector that requires patience and experience. Having said that, the question that you need to ask yourself is the platform you are you going to use to set the ball rolling. There is one way that can provide you with the early start that you really need. Being a co-wholesaler will give you access to networks as well as leverage over other competitors. It is a stress free, quick and convenient way to learn the business. Students and beginners would do well to adopt this strategy. This way you can be an active participant in the new real estate wholesale market, without much hassle.

With the right information, anyone can establish themselves as a great wholesaler within no time. Therefore, if you happen to have a deal that you need to close in the near future, take the first step and try being a co-wholesaler. Once you associate yourself with an established wholesaler, it will be smooth sailing all the way. So waste no time in embracing the new real estate wholsale market, and be on the lookout for more information on this site. Be sure to check out our REI Quick Cash System Video.

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